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Thank you Hookonline and!

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I attended a great class on web marketing today with Rentboy University and Hook Online! I learned a lot and I am looking forward to the BIG changes coming to my online presence! I was already well on my way but after today I have some real direction on what comes next! Keep an eye on my profiles, but especially keep an eye out for the "big move" coming to my website. I GOT MY OWN DOMAIN! Hahaha!! Learn it, click it, love it! Well, you don't need to bother clicking yet, you'll just get taken right back to this site, but the new site is already under construction and should be up and running by the end of next week.

On another note:

New pics are going to start appearing as well thanks to a very kind photographer by the name of Nathan Grisham. If you are interested in getting some new pics done, be it for your escort profile/website, your wedding, your graduation, a birthday, or just to feed the vain beast that lurks under that sexy exterior-- check out his site The Well Crafted Life and hire him already! I couldn't be more pleased with the works he and his partner so graciously created of me, for me! Click here to be taken to his beautiful website.

Thanks to everyone and their help, support, and the words of wisdom!